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As a service provider in the field of device development we create a concept for the development and production of your future device according to your expectations, from the functional pattern to the serial device.


We develop compo-
nents for your future device with a focus on metering technology, sample handling and axle or kinematic systems.



We have already developed systems even for specific require-
ments such as high accuracies, volume flow or low pulsation. Take advantage of our expertise to develop a system that is adapted to your special desires.




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Sample Applications




Kinematic systems, processes in laboratory automation and the mini-pipetting modules. We would like to present those three examples of field-proven solutions by CYBERTRON in word an picture. Thus you get an impression of the extensive spectrum of CYBERTRON and the manifold applications of the products - also for the demand of your company.


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Pipetting Modules


Piston Pump KK 30




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Welcome to CYBERTRON GmbH


Your Expert for Device Development and OEM-Components in Berlin


There are many things to consider when designing your machinery. Berlin-based CYBERTRON understands each individual component. CYBERTRON is your professional and reliable partner for every stage of projects aimed at developing modern and safe drive technology.


CYBERTRON is not only a manufacturer, but is also a service provider. Therefore, we are also an experienced specialist in device development. We meet to discuss your specific ideas and requirements with a view to identifying a tailor-made approach to the development and production of your device.


Individual OEM-Components


CYBERTRON in Berlin develops high quality and reliable OEM components for your future device. Core competencies include dosing, sample handling, motion, or kinematic systems. Each individual OEM component can be purchased directly from CYBERTRON. This makes us a one-stop shop for all your requirements!


Liquid Handling Utilising CYBERTRON Technology


Whether accuracy, flow rates or low pulsation, CYBERTRON has already developed systems to meet very specific requirements. Our many years of expertise and the flexibility of our dedicated employees enable us to satisfy all your demands and ensure the professional development of systems perfectly matched to your needs. 


We offer components ranging from kinematic systems to laboratory automation, as well as the established mini-pipette delivery module. Various application examples provide an impressive demonstration of what CYBERTRON's drive technology can do. Thanks to continuous development and a compelling corporate philosophy you are in the best hands with CYBERTRON in Berlin!