CYBERTRONS offers comprehensive Project Management

Place Your Idea in Trustworthy Hands

To have an idea for a project is one thing, but putting it into practice is a whole different ball game. The latter almost always requires competent support. And this you'll find at CYBERTRON.

When implementing your idea, you’ll need planning, coordination, and testing in addition to technical skills. CYBERTRON offers both first-class expertise and comprehensive project management.

Overview of Services Provided by CYBERTRON

It starts with the creation of the specification sheet and concludes with the assembly of the finished device. And what happens in between, you ask? In between, CYBERTRON performs a variety of services structured by its project management system:


Milestone events

Coordinating and implementing the individual stages of development

Documenting the device development

Creating a test plan

Prototype testing

Determining suitability of the prototype for the application

Series production of your device

Further optimisation of your device

Design review, risk analysis, and validation

This list could be changed or extended depending on the project idea you wish to develop with CYBERTRON. Our dedicated team will adapt the different developmental steps to your individual needs!

CYBERTRON – The Right Choice for Your Project 

The careful and efficient professional realisation of your idea, while always keeping competitive production costs in mind, are among the principles that distinguish CYBERTRON’s project management approach. Only optimal planning and implementation achieve optimal results.

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