CYBERTRON Axis Systems

Compact Linear and Rotary Axes

Precision, positioning speed, and price - a good axis system is characterised by the correct balance between these three elements. Find the ideal solution for your requirements together with CYBERTRON!

CYBERTRON linear and rotary axes belong to the "Precision Drive Axis System" series, and are a healthy compromise for timely solutions in terms of speed and accuracy in almost all cases. The 30, 80, 150 and 200 millimetre standard strokes are available. We offer large loading capacity within a compact design, and you can also benefit from the cost-optimised precision spindle axes!

µMove and pMove Axis Systems

The µMove axis system is the smallest in its class. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for high-precision positioning in the micro-mechanics or laser technology sectors. Also very compact, thus making it ideal for installation in compact machines and instruments, is the pMove axis system. Both are easy to mount as a cross axes system and offer easy operation using the ST 1000 controller.

Your individual Axis System

Whether you seek a direct displacement measuring system, additional limit switches or brakes, or any other spindle lifts and guides, CYBERTRON axis systems are equipped according to your requirements and specifications. The development and implementation of your specific project idea is possible and something we encourage. Get in touch with the experienced professionals at CYBERTRON!

Please refer to the PDF file Axis Systems for more technical details about this and other axes such as the xyz Benchtopkinematic or pMovePhi rotary module. The dedicated experts at CYBERTRON are looking forward to hearing from you!