CYBERTRON Temperature Control

Easy Processing Thanks to Correctly Tempered Samples

An important factor for the successful work with scientific samples is individual temperature control! CYBERTRON offers up-to-date solutions tailored to your requirements.

There are several things to consider when working with chemical and biological samples. Among other things, the correct temperature is of enormous importance depending on the sample and process. Separate workstations are not a mandatory requirement. CYBERTRON can integrate different temperatures in your automation system, if required. This is one way of reducing time, cost, and effort!

Temperature Control Using Peltier Modules

Peltier modules are commonly used for sample temperature control. By reversing the current flow the direction of the heat flow can also be rotated. This allows CYBERTRON to offer tempered workstations from -5 °C up to higher temperature range. Both, cooling and warming of samples can be carried out at one station. Heat or cooling energy is drained off externally via liquid cooling or internal active air cooling, respectively. For small stations there is the possibility of passive air cooling. By concerted isolation there is no condensation at the station. An internal temperature measurement by Peltier Controller always enables constant tempered samples.

Other Types and Examples of Temperature Control

  • Sample cooling in a liquid handling system using Peltier module
  • Heating station for micro-titre plates at body temperature to trigger reaction of cell cultures
  • Heating station up to evaporation, e.g. to investigate crystallisation
  • Sample storage with integrated cooling to eliminate need for separately cooled storage systems

Do you also have very specific ideas regarding the temperature control of your samples? The CYBERTRON team of experts is looking forward to your specific task requirements! We have detailed technical information about individual processes and products ready for you.