Behind Every Company there is a Strong Team

Get to Know the CYBERTRON Team

Established expertise, indefatigable commitment, and a great deal of flexibility are but a few strengths that define the CYBERTRON team in Berlin. It is a good mix that also benefits young talent.

The CYBERTRON GmbH is a relatively young company. But one which scores highly with many years of experience, especially as the dedicated team enjoys a much deeper history than one would think at first glance.

      The People behind CYBERTRON

      CYBERTRON consists of a small, dynamic team - each and every employee can look back on many years of experience in their area of expertise.

      It was a long and exciting journey from the first meeting in 1985 to independence. A journey characterised by the continuous development and expansion of the scope of activities. And this journey is far from over. 

      The Team…

      • met for the first time in 1985 in the "Innovation and Founders' Center" on Ackerstrasse in Berlin
      • has been developing dosing systems for SMD technology since 1990
      • has been developing complex servo motor controls since 1991
      • has been developing machines for laboratory automation since 1998
      • between 2001-2012 we acquired qualifications in project management and in device development for the laboratory and medical sector
      • founded Calantec Drive Technology GmbH in 2012
      • has been there for you as Cybertron GmbH since 2015

      Passing on Many Years of Experience

      We relish passing on sound expertise to the next generation. CYBERTRON is delighted to carry out this task as a training partner of the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) Berlin. Everyone, not only the younger generation, can benefit from our experience. Take a look at our philosophy, products, and services. Let us know how the dedicated CYBERTRON team can help you.